Our Priorities

Central Virginia Legal Aid Society’s  goals and priorities drive where we focus our resources to do the most good.  These priorities determine the types of cases we believe are most important to our clients and our community.

Improving Outcomes for Children – Including defending victims of Domestic Violence and ensuring children have access to safe Housing and other vital needs.

Preservation of Housing and Related Housing Needs —  Including defending evictions and foreclosures and ensuring access to safe, affordable housing.

Maintaining, Enhancing and Protecting Income and Economic Stability — Including cases involving Employment, Public Benefits,  and Consumer issues.

Safety, Stability and Well Being— Including defending victims of Sexual Violence and helping clients obtain affordable health insurance or health benefits.

Populations with Special Vulnerabilities — Including Seniors, the homeless, non English speakers, victims of discrimination and the disabled.

Delivery of Legal Services — Including  prioritizing emergency cases and using technology to improve the delivery of legal services to clients.

Beyond these priorities, CVLAS has a set of case acceptance guidelines.  You can find a summary of those guidelines here.