Community Outreach

Central Virginia Legal Aid Society engages in many projects to provide information about the work of legal aid and the law.  For example, staff members present talks or seminars at community centers, churches, schools, libraries and the offices of other service providers on legal issues faced by low income and elderly people in our community. Thousands of people receive information from legal aid staff at these events each year.

Our staff attends many county fairs, community festivals and other events which can inform thousands about our services.  We also distribute brochures, many which can be found on this website, to people to provide general legal information on a variety of topics.

Our weekly radio program reaches hundreds of listeners each week, while our domestic violence unit provides information to and seeks referrals from other agencies providing services to victims of domestic violence.

The Central Virginia Client Council, an organization sponsored by legal aid and made up of folks who could be eligible clients, meets regularly and engages in outreach to the client community.

CVLAS’ Virginia Farm Workers Program utilizes several strategies to reach its clients.  The Virginia Farm Workers Program’s staff visits migrant camps throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia when workers return home after work.  Additionally, we have frequently participated in church organized fiestas.   In excess of 4,000 farm workers benefit from this program each year.

If you would like a CVLAS attorney to come speak to your group, please feel free to contact us!