JusticeServer 2.0 Development!

JusticeServer 2.0 is in the development phase.  Requests for proposals (RFP) for a Project Manager now are open!

Central Virginia Legal Aid Society (CVLAS) is initiating this Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit responses from qualified individuals or companies interested in contracting to provide management consultant / project management services for the JusticeServer Project. We are seeking a part-time contractor with a competitive hourly rate to work with us over the next 9-12 months.

The JusticeServer Project is an effort by a coalition of legal aid organizations in Virginia to develop a custom-built case management system and statewide pro bono (volunteer legal services) portal. This effort is being led by CVLAS and two core partners: Legal Aid Justice Center (LAJC) and Greater Richmond Bar Foundation (GRBF).  Together CVLAS, LAJC, and GRBF are referred to herein as the Core Team.  In addition to the Core Team, the statewide portal will be accessed by an additional seven Virginia-based legal aid organizations.

Each of the Core Team organizations brings significant funding with overlapping but not identical outcome requirements. Funding sources include grants from the Virginia Law Foundation, the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), and Salesforce.org as well as contributions from Capital One, Dominion Power, and Richmond-Firms-in-Service.

The Core Team has contracted with TechBridge (www.techbridge.org) to be the product developer on this project. Discovery has just begun this summer, so any respondents will be jumping in mid-stream.  The project is currently being managed by an internal resource at LAJC with close supervision by a team of members from each Core Team organization.

Due to our compacted timeline, this RPF is designed to be as easy to respond to as possible. Please send specific clarification questions to steve@cvlas.org. We will respond within 48 hours and update the RFP at www.cvlas.org with a running list of questions and responses. Respondents are responsible for checking the website for the updated Q&A.

Click here for the complete RFP.

Questions & Answers about the RFP:

(1) Please have Techbridge clarify and describe the development methodology (e.g. Agile, Waterfall,…) they plan to be using for the project.  As part of this, it would be helpful for them to briefly describe any current expectations or assumptions related to milestone/target dates, sprints, or other relevant phasing of the project.

Please see attached TechBridge’s RFP response here.  Note that Discovery started in July, so adjust timelines accordingly.

(2) Please confirm whether or not Techbridge has a project manager who will be maintaining their detailed technical project plan, or if maintenance of this plan is part of the responsibilities being solicited for as part of the RFP.

TechBridge has a project manager who will be maintaining their detailed project plan.  This position will provide client-side project management.

(3) Please confirm whether or not Kemp’s has a project manager who will be maintaining their detailed technical project plan, or if maintenance of this plan is part of the responsibilities being solicited for as part of the RFP.

We do not know if Kemps has a dedicated project management resource.  This position will help us manage our relationship with Kemps to ensure success.

(4) Please confirm whether or not Kemp’s and Techbridge have an established relationship and whether agreed to a design and overall milestones, or if it will be part of the responsibility of the awarded respondent to help facilitate these discussions and the design for the integration.

It will be part of this position’s responsibility to help facilitate these discussions.

(5) It is stated that an internal LAJC resource is currently responsible for managing the project.  Several questions about this person/role:

(a) Does this person have a technical or software development background?  

This person has taken the Salesforce Admin 201 Course and operated as the Legal Aid Justice Center’s admin for 2.5 years.

(b) Please describe the percent of their time or the average number of hours/week this person expects to allocate to the project.

Goal is less than 4 hours per week not including time spent engaging as a client (e.g. discovery meetings, system testing etc.)

(c) If there is a description of this person’s expected responsibilities relative to management of the project, please provide it. 

This person will provide support and some supervision to the to-be-hired project manager.  He will also have primary responsibility for ensuring Legal Aid Justice Center is a fully engaged partner.  Please note that the contract for this position will be signed by each of Central Virginia Legal Aid Society, Legal Aid Justice Center, and Greater Richmond Bar Foundation.  All major decisions will be made by consensus or through an agreed upon process.

(6) In section 2.8 of the Product Development RFP “Proprietary Information/ Public Disclosure:” it is stated that after a bidder is approved “responses shall be deemed public record.” Was the TechBridge proposal for server development made public? If so, where can respondents gain access to the TechBridge proposal?

TechBridge’s proposal can be found here.

(7) What, in your view, are the key measures for success in this project?

Key measures of success are:

(i) The delivery by TechBridge to the Core Team of a first-in-class legal case management system that each program can use independently and future users can contract with TechBridge to access as well.

(ii) The delivery by TechBridge of a shared portal that facilitates the provision of pro-bono services to legal aid clients and is accessible by all three core team members and seven additional programs that are using Kemps Case Works.

(8) What project milestones are already visible to internal CVLAS stakeholders? That is to say, are there key deadlines as set by TechBridge or the Core Team that would serve as important information to respondents?

We expect to finish Discovery by the end of September and go-live by late Spring of 2017.

(9) Are the stakeholders currently working from a master workplan? If so, is it available to be viewed by respondents?

There is no client-side “master work plan” document per se.  We have documents we developed when raising funds for this project, but they are static documents and not a living working document.  The development of a master work plan would be a high priority deliverable for this position.

(10) If no such workplan is available, what information are you able to share about the status of the Kemps portal? What information are you able to share about the status of the JusticeServer portal and the API?  

The Kemps portal is under construction.  The API between the two has not yet been designed.  Those conversations are ongoing.

JusticeServer is Pro Bono Made Easier

JusticeServer is an online case management and referral system that enables private attorneys to accept and work on pro bono cases right from their own computers – providing legal services to low-income clients in areas such as consumer law, elder law, employment law, housing law, protective orders and uncontested no-fault divorces.  We are recruiting attorneys in Richmond, Petersburg, Charlottesville, and surrounding cities and counties.

Virginia attorneys may register for JusticeServer at justiceserver.org.

Central Virginia Legal Aid Society manages the following types of cases through JusticeServer:

  • Bankruptcy: Provide representation to debtors in Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings for low income clients for whom the filing would serve to protect income and/or property.
  • Estate Planning: Draft simple wills, Powers of Attorney, and advance directives (Living Wills and Medical Powers of Attorney) for low income clients 60 years of age or older, or who have other circumstances which make simple estate planning necessary.
  • Guardianship: Represent the petitioner who is seeking guardianship over another person where the petitioner is 60 years of age or older, in good health, and there are no less restrictive alternatives.
  • Hotline: Provide brief legal telephone advice in call backs to pre-screened clients in routine, non-emergency cases primarily involving consumer law, debt collections, employment law and family law.
  • Housing Law: Represent tenants in unlawful detainer cases, terminations of federally subsidized housing assistance (vouchers), security deposits and disputes involving the condition of the leased premises.
  • Protective Order Only: Represent domestic violence victims in Preliminary Protective Order and Permanent Protective Order hearings – “quick hit” type cases where the pro bono attorney is in and out of the case in a short time.
  • Uncontested Adoption: Provide representation to low income prospective adoptive parents in uncontested adoption cases if the child will receive financial benefits after the adoption.
  • Uncontested No-Fault Divorce: Provide divorce representation for low income clients who have been separated from their spouse for at least two years, and in which there are no contested custody, support, or property issues.
  • Unemployment Compensation: Provide administrative representation to unemployment compensation claimants in Appeals Examiner hearings and Special Examiner appellate reviews before the Virginia Employment Commission.

These substantive areas have been chosen because they tend to be limited in scope and meet areas of high demand for clients in our community. Some these cases can take as little as 30 minutes. Almost all can be done for less than 15 hours to complete. On-line training and resources are available in each of these substantive areas. CVLAS is available to provide technical assistance in all topics.

For more information about JusticeServer, please contact Kathy Brigman, Director of Volunteer & Pro Bono Services, (804) 518-2131. Email: Kat@cvlas.org.