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How can you help?

Are you looking for a place to make a difference? Look no further, you are at the right place.  Do you think you don’t have any skills that a law office can use?  Think again, you do!  CVLAS needs volunteers from all walks of life.  If you can answer a telephone, type a letter, know the alphabet (file), can use a copy machine, postage machine, we want you!

If you are a college student looking for a place to donate your time and expertise, we have just the place for you.  If you are a law student wanting some experience over the summer (or during the school year), CVLAS is just the place to be.

If you are licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and have some extra time to donate to us, come join our panel.  If you are an attorney who is not licensed in Virginia, we want you too.  If you are a law firm and want to help out, please contact us.

Do you have special skills, carpentry, electrical, move furniture?  Do you have a little spare time to donate your expertise?  Are you a court reporter?  Do you have any extra time you can give us?  Since our clients meet the federal poverty guidelines, they usually have no monies to pay for much needed court services.  Can you donate your time in court for a day or two?  Are you a paralegal who wants to do a little more?  If so, we need you. Contact Kathy G. Brigman, Director of Volunteer & Pro Bono Services, in our Southside office (Petersburg), 229 North Sycamore Street, Petersburg, Virginia 23803.  Call 804-518-2131 or e-mail,  I will sign you up!

CVLAS Needs You!!!

Are you an attorney who is interested in helping out?

“Exactly what is the Private Attorney Involvement Program?”

Private Attorney Involvement Program

Because of limited funding and only a small number of attorney staff here at CVLAS, we are unable to meet the needs of the ever increasing low income population in our service area.  CVLAS appeals to the private sector for help.  We appeal to both the sole practitioner and law firms alike.

All cases handled through the PAI Program are pre-screened by CVLAS’ Intake Department for income and residency eligibility.  All eligible clients complete a thorough questionnaire which is reviewed for completeness and accuracy before being sent to a private attorney.  All clients handled through the PAI Program are aware that they are responsible for any filing fees incurred during the handling of their case (unless otherwise waived by the Court).  In many cases all fees are collected by CVLAS prior to making a referral to the private bar and mailed to you with our referral packet.

“Is there any malpractice insurance coverage?”

YES!  During the course of accepting and handling cases referred through our PAI Program, we offer malpractice insurance to the attorney handling the referral.  You must be signed up by our Director of Volunteer & Pro Bono Services and have completed our Volunteer Application/Memorandum of Understanding.

“What are tax credits?”

Another great reason for signing up as a panel member of the PAI Program is that CVLAS offers qualifying members of its PAI Program the availability of Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) tax credits.  These tax credits are based on 40% of the donated services and can be used when filing a Virginia state income tax return.  For more information about joining the panel, malpractice coverage or tax credits offered, please call Kathy G. Brigman, Director of Volunteer & Pro Bono Services, CVLAS Southside Office, 229 North Sycamore Street, Petersburg, Virginia 23803, 804-518-2131, or e-mail

“What can I do?”

If you are an attorney, licensed in Virginia and willing to donate your time and expertise, CVLAS has a place for you.

At the present time, CVLAS is asking members of its PAI Program to handle various civil matters.  CVLAS refers uncontested no-fault divorces based on one year’s separation (with no outstanding issues such as custody or support), no-asset Chapter 7 bankruptcies, certain consumer issues, adoptions and guardianships.  For the elderly population in our service area we ask members of our PAI Panel to assist in the preparation of simple wills, powers of attorney, advance medical directives, living wills and some life planning matters.

CVLAS also has available the Hotline Attorney call back project in our Richmond office.  If you are interested in joining this project and are concerned that you need some training on the types of cases referred to our Hotline, don’t worry, training is available.

The Hotline Attorney call back project generally handles cases that are less time sensitive.  Cases that are more time sensitive are handled by intake assistant immediate advice.  Hotline call backs generally are used in consumer, employment and family law cases

Attorney call backs are scheduled for Mondays from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Wednesdays from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  On Mondays and Thursdays, each attorney handles eight call backs, and on Wednesday, each attorney handles five call backs.  An experienced CVLAS attorney is available during all call back times to brief and de-brief the pro bono attorney and to answer questions as needed.

Other projects currently available to join include, but are not limited to:

  • Richmond Bar Association/University of Richmond/CVLAS Lawyer – Law Student No Fault Divorce Project
  • University of Virginia/CVLAS – Law Student No Fault Divorce Project
  • Elder Law Project
  • Richmond Protective Order Project
  • Women’s Advocacy Project

I have only mentioned a few of the many ways you can help CVLAS help our clients.  If you are interested in volunteering your time to CVLAS in any of the ways I listed above or perhaps in some other way that I have not mentioned, let’s talk more about how you can help us.

Please contact me by e-mail, or by telephone at 1-804-518-2131 or drop me a note at our Southside office, 229 North Sycamore Street, Petersburg, Virginia 23803.

I want to talk to you more about how you can fit on our team!!

Volunteers Really Do Make A Difference!

Kathy G. Brigman, Director
Volunteer & Pro Bono Services