Client Stories

Employment Case:

Our client, a mother of two, was fired from her job when her employer found out that she expressed frustration about the reduction in her hours to another employee in a private conversation. Her employer then tried to block the client from obtaining unemployment compensation benefits that the client needed to support her and her two children. A CVLAS staff attorney was able to successfully represent the client before the Virginia Employment Commission to get her over $3,000 in back benefits and monthly benefits going forward. For the client, these benefits meant that she was able to keep the utilities on and her children fed.

Housing Case:

Our client, a single mother, received notice of eviction giving her 72 hours to move. She came to CVLAS two days before the scheduled eviction. The CVLAS attorney discovered that the landlord had gotten an order for possession 10 months ago when the client lost her job and got behind on her rent. However, the client had been paying her rent since then. The landlord had given her rent receipts but did not give her notice that he was accepting the rent “with reservation” and was not waiving or giving up his right to evict her. The CVLAS attorney drafted a motion to quash the eviction and was able to get on the court’s docket the next day. The court granted the motion to quash and the client was able to stay in her home.

Public Benefits Case:

Our client, a 42 year old mother of two, stopped working as home health aide when her patient entered hospice and passed away, and took another job as a school cafeteria worker at a lower pay rate. Paperwork was faxed to the Richmond Department of Social Services (DSS) with the patient’s obituary and a letter from the decedent’s daughter confirming this. Due to agency error, it was overlooked and our client went without Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for March and April 2015. A CVLAS attorney wrote a letter, called the DSS worker, and contacted the decedent’s daughter to get copies of the paperwork to resubmit to DSS. The CVLAS attorney also was able to have the amount recalculated based on our client’s new lower income to accurately reflect her actual income. This increased her benefit amount to the maximum for a family of three. Back SNAP amount was recovered, and accessible to client within 40 minutes of resolution, in the amount of $1,022, allowing the mother who served lunch to everyone else’s children to be able to feed her own again without worry.